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Howard Stern is amazing. I heard him talk about this on the air and he was upset about it. It was cute to hear him talk about her like he cared so much. I hope Lohan can get her act together.

I've been listening to Stern for 10 years and when it comes to humanity, he's got it in droves. I've never seen a Lindsay Lohan movie, but he does seem to talk about her a lot. Sometimes she bashes her, but he's always seemed to go out of his way to defend her. It's like he likes her so much as an actress, it kills him to see her mess up all the time. I heard him talk about this yesterday and he seemed to get choked up over it. Nice story.

What a cute story! Howard acts like he's such a bad guy, but he is so sensitive, especially when it comes to girls. I hope Lindsay reads this and realizes that the King of all media is on her side.

wow, that's a great perspective. i'm not a big lindsey lohan fan but you have to remember she really is just a kid, and a pretty effed up one at that, thanks to that crazy family. funny world where howard stern would be the one to look at her in a more "daughter-ly" way than her own father.
glad i found your blog -- missed howard last week so didn't hear this.

Jenny Stewart, it's great to see you still writing about Howard Stern! I followed your stuff on Gay.com. I don't have Sirius XM anymore, so I don't listen to Howard anymore. But this is a great story and it makes me miss him. He's such a great guy and it doesn't surprise me at all that he had this kind of reaction. Thanks for writing this and keeping me in the Stern loop!

Excellent posting, I really enjoyed this. I always hear Howard ragging on Lindsay Lohan, like how old she looks, etc., so it was nice to hear him saying something nice about her again. I agree that he's a big fan of hers. I missed the show yesterday so thank u for posting this.


I used to hate Howard Stern until about 5 years ago, when my roommate forced me to listen. Now I'm addicted and listen to the replay of his show everyday when I get home from work.

I'm glad this was written, because I heard it last night and I was touched by his words on so many levels. For one thing, he was talking about Lindsay almost like he was talking about how he'd feel if she were his daughter. I wish the audio of his commentary was included, because you could really hear in his voice how concerned he was by seeing her there, it's much more touching to hear it. But the transcript does sort of capture it I think.

All in all, this was just another brilliant few moments from the master of dialogue! I would beg anyone who doesn't listen to Howard to tune in, you won't regret it.


I listened to that yesterday morning and thought what he said was wonderful. It was nice to hear someone of his stature in the media world give her positive feedback in a unique/heartfelt way. It really hit me the way he kept mentioning the freckles on her back, and how it took tiny details like that to come to her defense. Nice words.

This is a wonderful article and I love Howard Stern. The best part of this is how he described how small she was, and that by noticing her tininess, he realized she was a "human being." Personally, I can't stand Lindsay Lohan and am sick to death of her, but what howard said about her here made me want to root for her. I mean, does she deserve all the shit she's going through? Absolutely. But howard is right. She is a human being after all.

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